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BUCHAREST in MUSIC presents itself as a Festival with the objective of selecting young musical talents from all over the international territory. Bucharest in Music wants to discover young singer artists who are looking for a reality willing to invest in their talents. from cultures – by the presence of songwriters, musicians, record producers, international artists, guest.

BUCHAREST in MUSIC Festival International is a pop contest that comes to put the capital of Romania on the map of the great international festivals of the song. In a Europe where festivals of this kind proliferate, existing, of course, those with greater or lesser projection, to let us have the ambition to want us to start with the higher league. we understand that the effort required to raise such an initiative certainly justifies our desire to give the project a great professional rigor, in which at the same time, the quality of the artistic content as well as the playful side that can not miss from an event intended essentially to children and young people.

BUCHAREST in MUSIC International Festival is performed under the auspices of WAPA – World Association of Promoters and Artists. The festival is organized with the aim of promoting and stimulating artistic creativity, in a healthy competition atmosphere; also to create the possibility to discover and launch new values; to stimulate the creation of the musical repertoire for children and young people; to promote friendship between children of different nationalities and to create the possibility of exchange of experience including in the field of technique and musical interpretation.

BUCHAREST in MUSIC International Festival is performed under the Patronage of the AFI ASCOCIAZIONE FONOGRAFI ITALIANI and under the auspices of WAPA – World Association of Promoters and Artists

Festival Director – GABRIELA SERBAN
Musical Artistic Director – M° DANILO RICCARDI


We would like to inform you that we will comply with all the sanitary regulations imposed and in case the global pandemic will prevent the authorities from holding the BUCHAREST festival in MUSIC during the period we choose, May 05-08, the Festival will be postponed for the next possible period. Will be announced in time. The amounts deposited by the competitors in the account of the company Diva’s Music Production SRL as a donation and representing the participation in the contest will not be lost, will have the same value.

5-8 MAI 2022