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Posted by Gabriela Serban on 22 Februarie 2018

He studied music at the age of 5, singing until 17 years at the Symbol choir with which he participated in countless national and international festivals, she is the co founding member of the band in which he plays “SevenEleven Band” from 2011 until now, also participates in the 3-stage The Voice of Romania auditions and collaborates with cover bands and dedicated artists El Negro, Daniel Lazar band, Garbis Dedeian, Skizzo Skills and others.


Artistic and Musical Director “A Microphone for Sanremo”.
Artistic and Music Director “Golden Microphone” Formiae International Sing
President Vocal Coach Academy of Singing and Music Roxyl Music Arts & Show.
Manager of Divas Music Production
Formia – Bucharest
Events Agency

Born in Formia, graduated since 1987 at the “Licino Refice” Conservatory of Frosinone, in:
Clarinet, under the guidance of Maestro Vincenzo Buonomo; graduated with honors.
Saxophone; graduated with honors.
Complementary piano, under the guidance of Maestro Maria Teresa Conte, graduated with honors.
Postgraduate Diploma at the “Amadeus Mozart” Music Academy in Geneva (Switzerland), under the guidance of Maestro Richard Stolzman and the first clarinet of the Vienna Maestro Karl Leister; graduated with honors (10/10)
Post-graduate Degree in Singing POP, R & B, Jazz, Rock.
President at WAPA World Association of Performing Arts ITALY
Art director & production manager at DIVAS Music Production
President W.A.P.A. ITALY International Festival
Founder (Founder), Chairman and Artistic Director at A Microphone for Sanremo. National Festival for the New Generation
Record producer at Roxyl Music Label
Producer / Vocal Coach / Recording Artist at Roxyl Music – Academy of Singing and Music
Record producer Roxyl Music -Vocal Coach –
Composer and Orchestra Conductor pop –
Director and Founder of the Festival A Microphone for Sanremo.
Musician, author, composer, producer at RAI, Mediaset, Sky
Professor at the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR)
Vocal coach at Rocco Palazzo Music Academy
Composer, arranger, Orchestra Conductor at Musician

Covered appointments:
Musical director at the Holy See – Vatican
Music Artist at the Band of the Italian Army
Clarinetist at the Orchestra of the Academy of Santa Cecilia
Lureate in Clarinet and Canto POP at the Licinio Refice Frosinone Conservatory

In 1987 he played in the Orchestra of the Accademia di S. Cecilia as a Clarinet with the direction of Maestro Leonard Bernstein.
He performed as a soloist, in 1989, in Vatican City, in the presence of His Holiness John Paul II, on the occasion of the visit of Premier Russo Gorbachev.
In 1988 he played in Rome, as an added clarinet, in Verdi’s Aida, with the Orchestra of the Opera, under the direction of Maestro Riccardo Muti.
He served as a clarinet in the National Army Band and later as first clarinet in the National Band of the State Police.
Concert as a soloist in the Republic of Malta, on the occasion of the celebrations for the 25 years of independence.
Graduated in multiple courses of musical interpretation and Jazz Singing, pop. R & B.
Artistic Director of the Holy See VATICANA
CONCERT OF EMERGING ARTISTS, to the Feast of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI.

Graduated in acting in 1994, at the outcome of a direct three-year course of the “Fioretta Maggi” teacher, he acted with the “Noveav Rideav” Company of Naples in:
“Misery and nobility” by E. Scarpetta, in 1991;
. “Na skein mottled” in 1994
“Lords tickets” of Rescigno, in 1994
“The seventh rested” by Sammy Fayard
“Deadline 4 payable 5” by G.Di Maio
“Madama Sangenella” by E. Scarpetta (also directed) 1998,2001.
What is the purpose of these money “of A.Cuncio 1997
“The grandchildren of the mayor” by E. Scarpetta 1995,1999.
Since 1996 he has paired with Antonio Fiorillo in art “Rocco and his twin” with the cabaret represented in all the theaters of Italy
Figurative to “Domenica in”, edition 1992 -93
Finalist in the 1997 edition “You know the last” Channel 5
“A place in the sun” on Rai 3 June 98
“Cheat” with Teo Teocoli Rai 1
“Seven by one” with Gigi Sabani spot and broadcast
“God created us for free” by A.Antonacci Canale 5
“Hi Darwin” with Paolo Bonolis Canale5 first edition
“How to ride behind the Vesuvius” Rai 3 in 2000
“Blessed among women” Channel 5 in 2000
“Sunday in” 2007 Cabaret
“Artistic Director and Presenter Festival of new voices 50 and around” SKY 10 episodes
“Celebrity” 2008 SKY
“Cage of Matti” Bagaglino Teatro Margherita Canale 5 (5 Episodes) 2008
“La Botola” Rai 1 2008
“Windsurfing, the wind in the hands” by Claudio Risi (actor)
“The judge” with Anthony Delon 1987
“Autumn” of Maia July 1998
“Like a kite” with Fabio Testi

03 to 07 May 2018