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Yassmin Pucci, actress of Persian origin born in Rome,
studied Acting in New York, where she lived for a long time.
She starts her career as a theater actress, and then moves on to screen acting.
She soon develops a keen interest in writing that leads her to write numerous scripts and direct social feature short films, one of them addressing violence against women, competing in the “Action for Woman” Festival.
She mainly works with foreign film production companies, making films in English, as leading actress, in countries such as Germany, the USA and Italy.
In Rome, she meets film director Emilio Ferrera, with whom a new artistic collaboration starts, not only as an actress, but also as co-screenwriter.
In 2019, they write and produce a Western called “Oro & Piombo”, after creating the “Old Type Production” film production company, with her colleagues Tiziano Carnevale and Piero Olivieri.
Though her biggest commitment involves the cinema industry, she is now in the process of writing a book about the Princess Ashraf Pahlavi, her maternal grandmother, twin sister of the Persian Shah.
Due to her family history, many articles were written on how the actress perceives the situation in her country of origin, the suffering caused by her inability to go back, as well as her relationship with the Princess, with whom she has lived closely for 5 years, in New York.

Her film “Oro E Piombo” wins the “Best Debut Film” award at the AlmeriaWestern Film
“Vincenzo Crocitti Award ” as Successful International Actress Festival.
“Most watched and voted filmin 2020 at the Valdarno Film Festival, in collaboration withthe MyMovies platform”
“Best Actress 2020” and the “Costume Design” awards at the Vesuvious International Film Festival
She hosts the first edition of the“Primo Premio Cinema degli Annid’Oro”, with the artistic direction of CarlottaBolognini
“Best Movie” award atthe IntercontinentalFilm Festival 2021.


was born in Cosenza on 13 June 1967. He began his artistic/theatrical activity in 1987 by founding a theater group called “Teatro dell’Oasi”. In 1996, he won the ETI “Vetrine” award with the show “S.I.D.A. and the man with the flower”, directed by Lindo Nudo. In 1995 began the collaboration – still ongoing – with the Centro R.A.T. Theater of the Aquarium. In 1998 he was a founding member of the “Rossosimona” company. From 1996 to 1999 he worked with various directors, including Riccardo Caporossi, Lello Serao, Francesco Gigliotti and Gianfranco Quero and in 2000, with Max Mazzotta (who also directed), he participated in a show entitled “Prove Aperte. In the same year he also began to deal with directing, creating various shows, such as “l’Orso” by Cecov, “Zufrin” (a fable by Giuseppe Fanciulli), “Boccaperta” (musical comedy), “NDExperience” by Ciro Lenti (winner Fersen award), “Spari and Dispari”, the latter together with Francesco Aiello. From 2012 to 2013 he was in the production of the children’s theater of the Quirino theater in Rome with “Cuore” (based on the novel by De Amicis), “Le Avventure di Giamburrasca” and “I Promessi Sposi”. In 2014, with the Teatro Rossosimona company, he staged “La Lezione di Tennis”, a monologue directed by Paolo Mauro and Francesco Aiello and in the same year “But I love them”, by and with Paolo Mauro. In 2015 with the L’Arciere Theater Company – “My brother-in-law Mastrovaknich” – by Ciro Lenti; directed by A. Toman – “Francis and the king” directed by A. Toman. In 2018 with the Libero Teatro company “Commedia all’Italiana” directed by Max Mazzotta. In 2019 winner of the “If you laugh comes better” award at the Antigone theater in Rome with “Double Couple”. In 2020 “Happy Weddings” three unique acts by Aldo Nicolaj directed by Lindo Nudo. In 2021 “But I love her” directed by Paolo Mauro. In 2022 “Shakespeare’s Folly” directed by Max Mazzotta
Video section: Cinema/television
2010 “Portland Souvenir” video clip. Directed by Fabio Rao
2012 Movie “FIABESCHI COME HOME”. Directed by Max Mazzotta
2013 Short film “L’ATTESA” by Davide Imbrogno. Directed by Marco Caputo (the short film passes the first selection to the DAVID of DONATELLO)
2014 Movie “Scale Model” Open Fields Production. Directed by Frabrizio Nucci and Nicola Rovito
Web series “FENG DU TALES” 1st episode “Taraka”, 9th episode “Out of the circle” directed by Andrea Belcastro
Short film “Beyond Remembrance” 404NOTFOUND for the 48H film festival 2014 Rome – Director: Emanuele Gregori
2015 Short film “Here’s smiling” directed by Andrea Belcastro
Film for Rai1 “The wedding of Laura” Directed by Pupi Avati
2016 Short film “THE LIMIT OF ICE” directed by Francesca Manna. Winner of the “MY GIFFONI” Award 2016 (assigned by the online public)
2016 Film “Calabrese tale” Directed by Renato Pagliuso
2017 Film “The horror of Acherontia” Directed by Francesco Fazio
2017 Film “The whole world is a country” Rai 1 – Directed by Giulio Manfredonia
2017 Short film “Bellafronte” Directed by Andrea Valentino and Rosario D’angelo
2018 Film “The Suspension” Directed by Massimo Scaglione
2018 Film “Aspromonte – The land of the last” directed by Mimmo Calopresti
2019 Short film “Breathe” Directed by Lele Nucera
2019 Film “Regina” Directed by Alessandro Grande
2020 Fiction “L’ispettore Coliandro” RAI 2 Directed by Manetti Bros
2021 Soap Opera “A place in the sun” RAI 3 Directed by Stefano Amatucci Episodes: 5828, 5829, 5830
2022 Film “Even” Directed by Giulio Ancora

4-7 MAI 2023